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There are four main providers in the borough;  Barnardos – Palmersville Training Centre and The Base, the Adult Learning Alliance, Northumbria Youth Action and TyneMetropolitan College. This is a highly flexible and personalised approach that reflects the needs of individuals in those groups over represented in NEET. The mix of both short and longer courses provides a number of choices for key-workers and the young people they are supporting.



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LA7 NEET Programme – North Tyneside

Connexions North Tyneside provides the wrap-around support element of the LA7 ESF funded NEET programme. The equivalent of one full time member of staff’s time has been allocated between three Connexions advisers – Carol Myers, Lee Pattison and Jackie Ambrose. In addition, some leadership and coordination input is provided through the Connexions senior manager, Tim Downing, and from one of the two Connexions team leaders, Dave Bowie. All staff working on the project are experienced in delivering projects that support the NEET group and are qualified to the highest level in advice and guidance.


There is a highly flexible and personalised approach that aims to reflect the priorities of those groups over represented in NEET and respond to individual needs. Learners will benefit from the continuity of a dedicated ESF key worker who provides comprehensive wrap around support and mentoring throughout the learner’s time on the project. From the outset, the Key-worker’s role is to build rapport between the Key-worker and the young person and begin the process of Initial Assessment and Action Planning. To this end, all Key-workers delivering on the project have the necessary skills and aptitudes required to work with this client group.


There is a customised offer designed to complement existing activity in the locality e.g. Youth Contract, Study Programmes and Traineeships where these are offered.




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